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Android functionality

Your Android set is able to provide many functions and the usage of some of these are shown below.

Viewing internet Media

You can use video streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix to watch content via your internet service. The services available will vary depending on your country and region. You can launch these services by selecting their titles on the Home Page.

Note: An Internet connection is required to watch content. Some streaming services may require an account or subscription.

Enjoying Safe Apps and Video Streaming Services (Security & Restrictions)

You can ensure safe use of the television by setting installation restrictions on apps that are downloaded from unknown sources, or age restrictions on programmes and videos. You can access parental controls by pressing the [HOME] button, then select Settings > then options such as Apps > Security & restrictions or Settings > Channel > Parental Controls.

If you change the Security & Restrictions settings, your device and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by unknown apps from sources other than Play Store. Any third party apps are downloaded at the risk of the user, any damage to your device or loss of data that may result from using these apps is not covered by the manufacturer.

Note: Other separate restrictions may be available depending on the app. For details, refer to the app’s help pages. It is possible to download a large number of applications to the set and as these are not part of the software installed on the television, instructions on their usage will have to be provided by the app producer in most cases.