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Updating software

There are a number of ways in which the software on your set can be updated. When your set is produced, the software installed will ensure the correct operation of the set, this may need to be updated should improvements be made and this is normally carried out automatically if the set is connected to the internet.

Note: For further support with software updates, contact our technical support team or refer to the ‘Product Support’ section of the website. If the television is using the newest software available it will not attempt to update the software.
If your set is outside of guarantee and the installation of the software causes a different issue you may be liable for a chargeable repair service. The reason for this is because you may have a fault which can cause corruption on one of the boards when installing the software. This could result in your unit locking into SAFE mode whereby it is stuck in standby. This is not a fault with the software, this would be caused by an existing faulty board that would have required a repair.