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Troubleshooting guide

If a full restart of the TV is required

If you have trouble, such as the picture not displaying on the screen or the remote control not working, reset the television with the following procedure. If an external USB device is connected to the TV, disconnect the USB device from the TV before resetting.

Power Reset

Restart the TV with the remote control.

Press and hold the power button on the remote control for about 5 seconds until the [Power off] message is displayed. Confirm this by pressing OK button and the TV will turn off.

Unplug the AC power cord (mains lead).

If the problem persists after step 1, unplug the TV power cord (mains lead) from the electrical outlet and wait for 2 minutes. Then plug the power cord (mains lead) back into the electrical outlet.

Note: Your personal settings and data will not be lost after the TV restarts.

Factory Data Reset

If the problem persists after a power reset, try a factory data reset.

Note: Performing a factory reset will delete all of the TV’s data and settings (such as Wi-Fi and wired network setting information, Google account and other login information, Google Play and other installed apps).

Press the [HOME] button, then select Settings > Device Preferences > Reset > Erase everything.

After the factory reset process completes successfully, your television will proceed into the first time installation mode. You must agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

What type of storage device do I require for Apps

Should you wish to store your Apps on an external memory device, this can either be in the form of a SD card or a USB connected storage device (USB memory stick).

It is recommended that the memory device does not exceed 256Gb and has read speeds of at least 15MB per second write speeds greater than 4MB per second.

Note: If using a powered memory device, ensure that the power is applied before turning on the set.

No colour/Dark picture/Colour is not correct/Picture is too bright

You can adjust colour tone, brightness and picture quality on your TV from the Picture menu in Settings.

Press the [HOME] button, then select Settings > Device Preferences > Picture.

In this menu you can make manual picture adjustments.

If you want to reset the picture settings, select Reset to Default option.

Distorted picture/The screen flickers

You can check the connection and position of the antenna (aerial) and external devices.

Check the antenna aerial/cable connection.

Keep the antenna aerial/cable away from other connecting cables.

When installing an optional device, leave some space between the device and the TV.

Make sure that the antenna (aerial) is connected using a high quality 75-ohm coaxial cable.

Check the troubleshooting guide for the connected device.

There are icons and text on the edges of the screen

In this case, the TV might be in store demo mode. Try exiting store mode.

Press the [HOME] button on the remote control and select Settings > Device Preferences > Store Mode > Disable Store Mode.

Cannot operate the current screen after the on-screen keyboard is displayed

To return to operation of the screen behind the on-screen keyboard, press the [BACK] button on the remote control.

Some channels are blank

The channel is for scrambled/subscription service only. Subscribe to a pay TV service.

The channel is used only for data (no picture or sound).

Contact the broadcaster for transmission details.

No sound but good picture

Check the volume control.

Press or [VOL+] button to cancel muting.

While in Television mode, press the [MENU] button, then select Speakers > TV speakers.

Remove any headphones.

The TV cannot connect to the Internet/Network

If the Wi-Fi network does not connect or disconnects, try the following.

Press the [HOME] button and check that the following setting is enabled. Settings > Network & Internet > Wi Fi.

Check the installation location of the TV and Wi-Fi router. Signal condition may be affected by the following:

Other Wi-Fi devices, microwaves, fluorescent lights, etc. that may be located nearby.

There are floors or walls between the Wi-Fi router and television.

Turn the Wi-Fi router off and then on again.

If the network name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi router to which you want to connect is not displayed, select Add new network to enter a network name (SSID).

If the problem is not resolved even after the procedures above or if you cannot connect even with a wired network, check the status of the network connection.

TV can connect to the Internet, but not to certain apps and services

The date and time settings of this TV may be incorrect. Depending on certain apps and services, you may not be able to connect to these if the time is incorrect.

Press the [HOME] button, then select Settings > Device Preferences > Date & time > Automatic date & time > Use network-provided time to automatically adjust the time through the network.

Check that the LAN cable or AC power cord (mains lead) of the router/modem has been connected properly.

Try using apps later. The app content provider server may be out of service.

The remote control does not operate.

Check if the TV is working properly

Press the power button on the television to determine if the problem is with the remote control or not.

Check if the remote control is working properly

Point the remote control at the remote control sensor located at the front of the television.

Keep the remote control sensor area clear from obstacles.

Fluorescent light can interfere with remote control operation; try turning off any fluorescent light.

Check that the orientation of each battery matches the positive (+) and negative (-) symbols in the battery

Battery power may be low. Remove the remote control cover and replace the batteries with new ones.

It is not possible to control the Google Assistant with voice

To use your voice to control the Google Assistant, you need a remote control which has a  button, in addition the television must be paired to this remote control.

If your remote is not paired with the TV yet, please follow the steps below:

Press the button on the remote control.

Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the remote control with the television.

Select the detected remote control shown on the screen and press [OK].

Once paired, the pairing screen will disappear.

Pairing the remote

If during the first-time installation process the remote was not paired or skipped, then follow the process below to pair your remote with the television:

  1. Turn the set on.
  2. Go to Settings > Remotes and Accessories or press the button on the remote control.
  3. Now press and hold the [LEFT ARROW] and [HOME] buttons on the remote control at the same time.
  4. The LED indicator on the remote control will start to flash.
  5. Select your remote control from the list shown on the television screen and press [OK] on the remote control.
  6. Once paired, the pairing screen will disappear.

Note: This process will only have to be completed if the remote control has not been paired.
Once paired, when the button is pressed, it will open the Google Assistant screen on the television and activate voice functionality.
When your remote control is paired, it uses Bluetooth to transmit information. This means that the remote does not need to be pointed towards the set to work.

I cannot set the picture levels while on apps

This is because the application sets the picture levels.

I cannot access Freeview Play

To enable Freeview Play to operate correctly, you must have the set tuned in and set up in the UK and installed as country setting UK. In addition, it needs to be connected to the internet.

Why am I not able to use letters in my PIN?

Your PIN is a quick code used for accessing some of the higher functions of your set. This only contains numbers so that they can be entered using your remote control keypad.

Can I log in to multiple Google accounts?

It is possible to enter more than one Google account on your set.

How do I add and remove Apps from the favourite bar?

To remove an App from the favourite bar, select the app to be deleted, press and hold [OK] button until pop-up menu appears. Choose option “Uninstall” and confirm with [OK].

Can I set parental controls?

Parental controls are possible when receiving digital television channels (should this service be provided by the broadcaster).

Parental control within apps is determined by the functionality of the app. For details on this you will need to go into the app settings. It is possible to prevent apps from being downloaded to the set to view options go to Settings > Apps.

What do I do if my apps do not work?

First check that your set is connected to the internet, if it is, ensure that the internet connection is consistent and reliable. If this does not resolve the issue, remove the mains supply from the set and turn back on a few minutes later.

If this does not work, reset the set via Settings > Device Preferences > Reset.

Do I need an aerial signal?

For full functionality of your Android set equipped with Freeview Play you will require an aerial connected to the set with an adequate and reliable signal.

Personal Data

To remove personal data from this set, carry out a reset on your set: Settings > Device Preferences > Reset > Erase everything.

Why does my set turn on from standby so quickly?

During standby your set will be in a higher power state to enable it to turn on quickly. Should you want to put the set into low power standby, press and hold down the [STANDBY] button on the remote control for more than two seconds. This will bring up an option to put the set into low power standby. While in low power standby, the set will take longer to come on when the [STANDBY] button is pressed.

How do I use Chromecast?

Chromecast built-in allows you to wirelessly cast content from your favourite websites and apps to your television, directly from your computer or mobile device.

  1. Connect a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to the same home network that the television is connected to.
  2. Launch a Chromecast supported app on the mobile device.
  3. Select the (cast) icon in the app.
  4. The screen of the mobile device is displayed on the television.

Note: Casting may be limited by the device you are using, additional apps for your device may be required.