E-instruction manual Language: English


Getting started

  1. Using the RF cable, connect the TV to the TV Aerial wall socket.
  2. For connecting to the Internet with a wired connection connect a Cat 5/Ethernet cable (not included) from the TV to your broadband modem/router.
  3. Connect the power cable to the Electrical outlet.
  4. Insert the batteries supplied into the Remote control.
  5. Then press Standby button to power on TV.
  6. You will be now welcomed with the First Time Installation screen. If you wish to make changes to any of the default settings, use the scroll ▲/▼/◄/► buttons. To exit this menu at anytime, press [XXX.EXT] (EXIT) button.
  7. Please set desired settings in First Time Installation screen.

    Welcome screen - press OK on the remote control to continue to the next screen.

    STEP 1 - Set the TV Menu language.

    STEP 2 - Data collection notice - here you can read information about data collection. You can view more detailed information and personalize data collection settings in View additional details screen.

    STEP 3 - Set your country

    STEP 4 - Set your time zone

    STEP 5 - Select the location of TV. For home use, please select Home. For shop demonstration mode, set Store.

    STEP 6 - Set type of network connection. If you wish to skip this step and connect TV to network later, please choose option Skip.

    STEP 7 - Choose input source which you want to use. If you have connected RF cable directly to TV, choose „Digital TV“. If you have satellite directly connected to your TV, choose „Satellite“. In case you are using set-top-box, please pick correct input to which it is connected.

  8. If you selected in last step „Digital TV“ or „Satellite“, tuning menu will appear.

Digital TV tuning: In „DVB Antenna“, please choose which type of signal you have. Air (DVB-T) or Cable (DVB-C). Then enter „Auto Scan“ and set your desired settings. Then choose „Auto Tuning“ to start tuning of channels.

Satellite (DVB-S2) tuning: Enter „Satellite Setup“ and in „Antenna Setup“ select satellite which you wish to tune. Then return to previous menu by pressing BACK button on your remote control and choose „Auto tuning“ to start tuning of channels.

Tip: If you are missing channels, the reason for this is likely to be signal strength, you should consider connecting signal booster and re-tuning the TV.