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Getting started - initial set up

  1. Using the RF cable, connect the TV to the TV Aerial wall socket.
  2. For connecting to the Internet with a wired connection connect a Cat 5/Ethernet cable (not included) from the TV to your broadband modem/router.
  3. Connect the power cable to the rear of the TV, and then connect it to the electrical outlet.
  4. Insert the batteries supplied into the Remote control.
  5. Then press Standby button to power on TV.
  6. You will be now welcomed with the First Time Installation screen.
    If it does not appear, on the remote control, please press [MENU] then 8-8-8-8 and the menu will appear.
    If you wish to make changes to any of the default settings, use the scroll ▲/▼/◄/► buttons. To exit this menu at anytime, press [EXIT] button.
  7. Please set desired settings in First Time Installation screen.
    STEP 1 - Set the TV Menu language.
    STEP 2 - set your country
    STEP 3 - Set type of network connection. If you wish to skip this step and connect TV to network later, please choose Skip Network Setting
    STEP 4 - Select the location of TV. For home use, please select Home. For shop demonstration mode, set Store.
    STEP 5 - choose if your TV has stand, or if it is mounted on the wall. TV will set optimal audio settings for selected option.
    STEP 6 - choose input source which you want to use. If you have connected RF cable directly to TV, choose DTV. If you have satellite directly connected to your TV, choose DVB-S*. In case you are using set-top-box, please pick correct input to which it is connected.
  8. If you selected in last step DTV or DVB-S2, you will be asked if you want to tune channels. If you choose “No”, you can tune channels later from SETTINGS/CHANNEL menu. If you choose “Yes”, tuning menu will appear.
    Digital TV (DTV) tuning: In DVB Antenna, please choose which type of signal you have. Terrestrial (DVB-T) or Cable (DVB-C). Then enter Auto tuning and set your desired settings. Again choose Auto tuning to start tuning of channels.
    Satellite (DVB-S2) tuning: Enter Auto Tuning and enter Satellite. Here you can choose between the various satellites. Select satellite which you wish to tune by pressing OK button on remote control. Then return to previous menu by pressing BACK button on your remote control and choose Auto tuning to start tuning of channels.
    NOTE: To shorten tuning time of satellite channels, some countries have preinstalled channel list for most popular satellite in that region. If this is the case for your selected country, you will be asked if you wish to load preinstalled channel list. If you choose “Yes”, satellite channel list will be imported to your TV within few seconds.
    TIP: If you are missing channels, the reason for this is likely to be signal strength, you should consider connecting signal booster and re-tuning the TV.

    Remote control

  9. STANDBY – Switch on TV when in standby or vice versa.
  10. MUTE – Mute the sound or vice versa.
  11. 0 – 9 – to select a TV channel directly.
  12. TV GUIDE – Opens the 7 Day TV Guide (Digital mode).
  13. To return to the previous channel viewed.
  14. PICTURE Scrolls through picture mode options.
  15. VOL ▲/▼ To increase / decrease the sound level.
  16. CH ▲/▼ To increase or decrease the channel being watched.
  17. SOUND Scrolls through sound mode options.
  18. SOURCE – To display the input/source menu.
  19. MENU – To display OSD menu.
  20. EXIT – To exit all menus.
  21. (▲/▼/◄/►/ OK) – Allows you to navigate the on-screen menus and adjust the system settings to your preference.
  22. BACK – Back to previous menu.
  23. FAV – To display favourites menu.
  24. INFO – Press once for now/next channel information. Press twice for programme information about current programme.
  25. TEXT – Teletext mode - To enter Teletext
  26. SUBTITLE – To switch the dialogue at the bottom of the screen (on/off).
  27. TV – Switch to digital TV source.
  28. YouTube – Displays YouTube application
  29. NETFLIX – Displays NETFLIX application
  30. NET+ – Displays AQUOS NET+ menu.
  31. Rec1 PVR Record
  32. To restart the current chapter
  33. To advance forward to the next chapter
  34. To stop the playback
  35. Rec List1 Opens the list of recordings.
  36. To play in fast rewind mode.
  37. To play in fast forward mode.
  38. To play/pause
  39. COLOUR BUTTONS Additional teletext and OSD functions

1 - available only with PVR function