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Built into this television is a USB record facility. This function is available in Digital mode when used in conjunction with a compatible USB memory stick or USB Hard drive. The benefits of this are as follows:

  • Pause live TV and then playback, fast forward and rewind (up to live TV).
  • One button record, if you decide you want to record the current programme.
  • Easy programmable recording from the 7 day TV Guide

Due to the nature of the product, it is necessary to use a high speed USB memory stick (as the TV reads from and writes to the memory stick at the same time, some memory sticks may not be suitable).

Minimum Specification - USB Memory Stick

Pause Live TV (Time Shift)*

Pausing Live TV is very simple.

  • Press the play/pause button and the television will pause and the live content will be recorded. To resume watching press play/pause again.
  • Press fast forward to go forward in a recording (i.e. to skip adverts).
  • Press fast rewind to go back in a recording (i.e. if you fast forwarded too far).
Tip: When you switch the TV to standby or change channel the Time Shift memory is wiped. To restart time shift you must press play/pause button.

One Button Record

At any point in time you may decide to record the current channel that you are watching. To do this you need to press the [REC] button.

Tip: This television contains one TV tuner, therefore it can only record the channel you are watching or record one channel while the television is in standby mode.
Note: USB record function is only available in Digital TV mode. Due to copyright laws and illegal copying/recording it is not possible to record to/from any other input/output source.

only for devices with built in PVR function