Instruction manual model: eu-aquos-net language: en

To access the AQUOS NET+ Menu at any time press the NET+ button on the remote control or select it from More Apps menu.

NOTE: Please wait while the TV connects to the Wi-Fi network. It may take a few minutes after you switch on the TV.

Navigate the menu using the scroll ▲/▼/◄/► buttons. To confirm the item you wish to play/view press [OK] button. For ‘one-step’ back press [Menu] button, and to access additional functions use the coloured buttons. To leave AQUOS NET+ press [EXIT] button.

RESET OF USER SETTINGS: If you wish to completely reset all user settings on AQUOS NET+, you must first enter the Settings menu of the portal and select “Reset your device”. Please select YES with cursor and then press OK on the remote control to confirm the reset of the settings.
NOTE: To meet our customers’ demands, we are improving our products. As a result of our ongoing efforts new applications will be added continuously to the AQUOS NET+. Applications and content in AQUOS NET+ can be changed without notice. Some of the functions and content may not be available in your country.