Instruction manual model: eu-7-day-tv-guide language: en

TV Guide is available in Digital TV mode. It provides information about forthcoming programmes (where supported by the Digital channel). You can view the start and end time of all programmes and on all channels for the next 7 days and set reminders.

  1. Press [TV GUIDE]. The following 7 Day TV Guide will appear.
  2. Navigate through the menu using ▲/▼/◄/►.
    You can now:
    Press [INFO] to view further information about the programme highlighted.
    Press the [REC] button on a highlighted programme to use the record function.*
    • Record a programme once - press the [REC] button once.
    • Set up a daily recording - press the [REC] button twice, a recording will occur every day at this time.
    • Set up a weekly recording - press the [REC] button three times, recording will happen every week, on this day and at this time.
    Press [GREEN] button on a highlighted programme to set a reminder.
    Press / to view the previous/next day’s list of programmes.
  3. Press [EXIT] to exit the 7 day TV Guide.

only for models with recording function