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This option allows you to tune in your set to the incoming RF or Satellite signal. You can configure the settings related to the type of broadcast being received. To enter this menu option, select the icon while on the Home Page or press the [MENU] button on the remote control when in television mode, then go to Settings > Channel. When selected, the options shown below are available:

There are three types of signal which can be tuned into, reception of these are dependent upon the signals being received by your set and the country you are located in:

  • Digital Terrestrial Television – Also known as DVB-T1 and/or DVB-T2.
  • Cable Televison – Also known as DVB-C.
  • Satellite Television – Also known as DVB-S1 and/or DVB-S2.

Options in the channel menu are:

Before tuning in your set, you will need to select the type of signal being received to enable tuning to operate correctly. Enter the Channel Installation Mode to choose Antenna (terrestrial digital television), Cable or Satellite.

Depending upon which option is selected will change the options available in the Channels menu as shown in the following pages.

DTV (Digital Television)

DTV mode relates to Freeview (UK) and Saorview (in ROI). You can only tune into one type of service and this depends upon the country which you are in. All models for the UK have Freeview Play built-in and this will be available once the set has been tuned in and an internet connection is made.

While in the DTV mode, the following options will be available:


While in the cable mode, the following options will be available:


While in the satellite mode, the following options will be available:

Note: While in satellite mode, channels will be stored as they are tuned in. There is no logical channel numbering in the satellite tuning mode.