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Securing the TV to a wall

Securing the TV to a wall with anti-tip straps

For maximum safety in the home, when using a TV with its stand, anti-tip straps should be fitted. These are available from major retailers & websites and are an easy, inexpensive and effective way of ensuring your TV stays safely upright. Straps are designed to be attached to the rear of the TV and then tethered to the wall or furniture type TV is stood on, these are fitted as follows.

A) Using one or both of the top wall-mounting holes and screws fasten one end of the fastening cord/s to the TV. (the screws are already supplied in the wall mounting holes)

B) Secure the other end of the fastening cord/s to your wall. (you will need screws/fixings suitable for your wall type – available separately from most DIY stores).

Note: Please ensure that children do not climb on the TV set.

Note: When handling the set do not grip the LCD Panel.

Note: Do not pull the set when mounted on a bracket. If using a moveable bracket, adjust via the bracket and not the set.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is urging people to take care with flat-screen televisions.

RoSPA stated in 2010 that “Toddlers are particularly at risk of pulling flat-screen televisions on to themselves. They are unsteady on their feet and are attracted by colourful television images.”

The risk is increased as televisions become lighter.

Wall mounting

IMPORTANT – Before drilling any holes in the wall ensure you are not drilling where there could be any electrical wires, water or gas pipes.

  1. Remove the four screws located at the back of the TV set.
  2. The wall mount can now be easily attached to the mounting holes, located on the back of the TV, using the same four screws removed.

Note: This diagram above is an example of screw positions. Due to model variations, please ensure you check your TV for the exact location of the wall mounting screw positions.

Important: If wall mounting this TV, only use the screws already provided in the wall mounting holes. Using other screws which are longer could cause unrepairable damage to the internal parts. When using a wall bracket, please ensure the screws in the back of the TV set are not over tightened.