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Your new Android television set is able to run applications, stream video, connect to various sources and allows you to watch Freeview and benefit from various catch up services. It features all of the usual applications you are used to such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube in addition to many more apps available in the Google Play Store.

When the set is first powered on, you will be presented with the First Time Installation screens. Follow the on screen instructions for guidance. You can also use the Quick Start Guide supplied for additional guidance. Once completed the set is ready to be used. It is important that the correct language and country is selected during this stage of the set-up process as this will determine the basic functionality of the set.

To make full use of your Android set, you will require an aerial and internet connection.

Use these Operating Instructions for guidance on how to use your Android television. Unless otherwise stated, the remote control is used to operate the set, i.e., it will be noted when to use the buttons or control stick on the set itself. Chapter “Operational Instruction Navigation Hints” details how to use this instruction manual.