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Inputting text

On -Screen Keyboard

There is a preinstalled on-screen keyboard app in your set which will appear whenever text is expected to be entered by the user, e.g. Wi-Fi password or website address in the web browser. To navigate the on-screen keyboard, use the [ARROW] buttons on the remote control, enter the character selected by pressing [OK].
If you press and hold the [OK] button for 2 seconds while on a selected symbol, this will display the associated national character(s) with accents or diacritical marks.

Note: When entering the Wi-Fi password this keyboard is extended to show all characters at once.

Using the Remote Control

You can operate many of the televisions features by using the [UP], [DOWN], [LEFT], [RIGHT] and [OK] buttons on the remote control.
The following remote control buttons are used to navigate the menus:

  • [EXIT] : Exits from the menu and returns to the source or Home Page.
  • [BACK] : Takes you one step back in the menu.
  • [ARROW BUTTONS] : Navigate around the options on the screen.
  • [OK] : Selects the option highlighted or selected.

Your set can also be voice controlled using Google Assist.