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Freeview play app

The Freeview Play app can be accessed a number of ways on your television set:

  • From the Programme Guide press the [YELLOW] button and then select the Explore Freeview Play app.
  • From the Home Page, select the Explore Freeview Play app.
  • While in Freeview, select channel 100.
  • Press the [FREEVIEW PLAY] button followed by the [YELLOW] button. Select the Freeview Play app from the on-demand players.

When in the Freeview Play application, it is possible to search for a programme by name. Choose the “Search everything” option and then use the on-screen keyboard to type in the programme name. As you type, selections will appear. Select one of these options and press the [OK] button to start playback.

Freeview Play brings together live television viewing with ‘‘catch up’’ television services from broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. The Freeview Play Explore app features a carousel of genres to select from when searching for programmes, such as sport, comedy, dramas and soaps, etc. Content is made up from recommendations of the major broadcasters and offers an alternative means of searching.

Notes: To use the full functionality of Freeview Play your set must be connected to the internet.
Some apps require additional registration, this is a simple process and it will inform you of the correct website to visit to complete the registration.
Areas receiving Saorview transmissions will not support Freeview Play or Freeview Play services.