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Channel list

Use the channel list to quickly go to the channel you want to watch. Use the [GREEN] and [RED] buttons to navigate up and down the list.

Filter List

Press the [YELLOW] button to get options to sort or filter channels and search channel by its number or name. When you select Type, it is possible to restrict the Channel list to various types of channels such as Radio, Free, Analogue, etc.

When selecting Find, you can search for a channel name by its name by entering the name you are looking for via the on-screen keyboard.

Favourites List

Press the [BLUE] button to open Favourites list. A list of your favourite channels will be shown here. No channels will appear unless you have added them to the list.

Adding a Favourite Channel

To add a favourite channel, go to the live digital television channel you would like to add to your favourites list, press the [MENU] button and then the [UP ARROW] button. The “Add to Favourites” icon should be highlighted, press [OK]. The channel is now added to your favourites list.

Moving, Skipping, Deleting and Sorting Channels

To modify your list of channels:

Press the SOURCE button and select television.

  1. Press the MENU button and go to Settings > Channel > Channels.
  2. Here choose one of menu items related to editing of channel list:

Note: Depending on your country settings, Channel Sort and Channel Move may be unavailable. This is caused by LCN (Logical channel number). When LCN is ON, channels are sorted by preferences of your broadcaster. To make channel sorting/moving available set LCN to OFF in Settings > Channel > Channels > LCN.
We do not recommend turning LCN off, as when a future re-tune is carried out your channels will not be in order.