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Play Next

Play Next functionality is shown in section C. This option is only displayed when the Play Next option is active and there is content in the Play Next list.

Play Next option can be selected when in a streaming app such as You Tube. To do this:

  1. Select the item in the Channels list on the Home Page to be added to the Play Next list.
  2. Press and hold the [OK] button on the remote control for more than two seconds.
  3. The Play Next option appears.
  4. Select “Add to Play Next”.
  5. Stream will now appear in the Play Next list.

Note: Once a stream has been played back, it will disappear from the Play Next list. If there are no streams in the Play Next list, the list will not be seen on the Home Page.

The Play Next option can be turned on and off in the Customize channels option on the Home Page. In addition, the services which can be used on Play Next can also be turned on and off. In the case of the Freeview on demand players it is also possible to restrict channels and genre.