E-instruction manual Language: English


Watching TV

To watch TV programmes via Antenna, Cable or Satellite:

1.Press the HOME button, select [XXX.APP] (Apps icon) from the Home menu, and select Live TV from the apps list.

Alternative way:

1.Press the SOURCE button and select TV.

Channel list - Broadcast

You can quickly find your preferred programmes in Channel list.

1.Press the OK button to display the Channel list.

2.Select a programme to watch.

3.Press the OK button to watch the programme.

Additional options in Channel list:

Press the YELLOW button to get options to sort or filter channels and search channel by its number or name.

Press the BLUE button to open Favourites list

Favourites list

To add the TV channel to Favourites List:

1.Press the MENU button and then press cursor [XXX.UPA].

2.Select [Add to My Favorites] and press OK.

3.Currently watched channel will be added to Favourites list.