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Tuning satellite channels via FastScan

FastScan is a feature that can quickly tune all of your operator's satellite channels, automatically sort channels according to operator preferences and automatically update channels when there is any change on the operator's side, such as a transponder change or new channels added.


  • The FastScan feature is only available for some satellite operators. If your operator/satellite service is not on the FastScan operator list, you will need to tune Satellite channels in the standard way.

Tuning with FastScan

Before tuning satellite channels, ensure the TV is in [Preferred Satellite] mode:

  1. Press the XXX.HOM (home) button, then select [Settings] — [Channel] — [Channel installation mode]
  2. Select option [Preferred Satellite]

To start channel scanning using the FastScan:

  1. Press the XXX.HOM (home) button, then select [Settings] — [Channel] — [Channels] — [Satellite Re-scan]
  2. Select [Next] — [FastScan]
  3. Select [Scan] and press OK.
  4. Select the satellite you want to tune and confirm by pressing the OK button.
  5. Select [Next] and press OK.
  6. After a few seconds, the Operator List will appear on the screen. Select your operator/service and confirm with the OK button.
  7. In a short while, all the channels of your operator are tuned and sorted and you can start watching TV.