E-instruction manual Language: English


Editing the channel list

To modify your list of channels:

1.Press the SOURCE button and select TV

2.Press the MENU button and go to [Settings] — [Channel] — [Channels]

3.Here choose one of menu items related to editing of channel list:

[Channel Skip]

Allows you to choose channels, which will be skipped when pressing CH+ / CH- buttons on the remote.

[Channel Sort]

Allows you to swap position of two channels between each other.

[Channel Move]

Allows you to move selected channel to new position.

[Channel Edit]

Allows you to delete channels from the channel list.


Depending on your country settings, [Channel Sort] and [Channel Move] may be unavailable. This is caused by LCN (Logical channel number). When LCN is ON, channels are sorted by preferences of your broadcaster. To make channel sorting/moving available set LCN to OFF in [Settings] — [Channel] — [Channels] — [LCN].