E-instruction manual Language: English


Device Preferences

To get to the Settings menu, press the HOME button, then select [Settings].

Available options


Information about TV and software.

[Date & Time]

Adjusts system time & date.


Setup of timers for automatic TV start or power off.


Selects the menu language. The selected menu language will also set by the voice recognition language.


Configures the on-screen keyboard.


Configure Source menu and HDMI CEC.


Changes the settings related to power consumption.


Adjusts the picture and screen display settings such as screen brightness.


Adjusts the sound settings and speaker-related options.


Changes the settings related to data storage.

[Home Screen]

Customises channels displayed in the [Home screen] and sorts apps.

[Store mode]

Activates shop demonstration mode.


Configures the settings related to the search function.

[Chromecast built-in]

Displays information about the Chromecast feature.

[Screen saver]

Configures the settings of the screen saver.


Configures the location settings to acquire the user location.

[Usage & Diagnostics]

When turned on automatically sends diagnostic information to Google.

[Security & Restrictions]

Configures the security settings such as passwords.


Configures the settings of accessibility features and services for helping users navigate their devices more easily.


Resets TV to factory settings. All accounts will be removed from TV, all apps will be deleted as well as all Wi-Fi/LAN settings, and all system settings will return to default values.