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Advanced Options

To get to the Live TV menu, press the SOURCE button and select one of available inputs. Then press the MENU button.

Various settings for Live TV.

Available options

[Sound Tracks]

Allows you to choose between the audio channels being transmitted on Digital Television.

[Blue Mute]

Changes the background colour to blue when there is no input signal.

[Default Channel]

Allows you to choose default Digital TV channel, which will be displayed after TV is powered on.

[HBBTV Settings]

Allows the user to switch HbbTV on/off. To use HbbTV, TV must be connected to the internet and watched channel must support HbbTV service.


Select your preferred subtitle language and type.


Select language for teletext.


Allows you to set automatic software upgrade via OAD (On Air Download) on/off.

[Auto Sleep]

Controls the amount of time the set will continue to operate without any buttons being pressed on the set or remote control before going into standby.

[System Information]

Allows you to view signal frequency, signal quality and signal strength of current Digital TV channel.

[Version Info]

Information about TV software version.