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Auto Sync. - Automatically sets the time and date on the TV set. Requires the TV to be tuned in with a digital signal and/or an internet connection. Turn “Auto Sync” off to manually adjust the time and date settings. If “Auto Sync” is set to off with the time and date manually adjusted, this information will be reset when the power to the TV is disconnected.

Time Zone - Change your current time zone.

Clock - Shows current time set up in the TV.

Sleep Timer - Lets you set the sleep timer so the television automatically switches off after a set amount of time. Off -> 10min -> 20min -> 30min -> 60min -> 90min -> 120min -> 180min -> 240min.

Auto Sleep - Controls the amount of time the set will continue to operate without any buttons being pressed on the set or remote control before going into standby.

No Signal Power Off - By default, TV will turn off automatically after 5 minutes while switched on input, which does not receive signal and no buttons are pressed. You can turn on/off this feature.