E-instruction manual Language: English



Language - Allows you to change the language of the menu.

Subtitle – To switch the dialogue at the bottom of the screen (on/off).

Subtitle Hearing Impaired - If you set Hearing Impaired ON and switch to a channel with supports for hearing impaired subtitles will be activated automatically.

Audio Languages - Preferred audio language on selected DVB channels.

Subtitle Languages - Preferred subtitles language on selected DVB channels.

HbbTV - Allows the user to switch HbbTV on/off. To use HbbTV, TV must be connected to the internet and watched channel must support HbbTV service.

Country - Information about selected country. If you wish to change country setting, you will need to reset TV into default settings and select different country during in First time installation menu.

WOW - Allows the set to turn on via network control wirelessly.


HDMI_CEC - Enable/disable HDMI CEC function. This allows you to operate devices connected via HDMI with TV remote control.

Auto Standby - If set on, all devices connected to TV via HDMI will go into standby when television turns off.

ARC - Sends audio signal via HDMI to connected audio device (AV receiver, soudbar etc.). This function is available only on HDMI ARC input.

Auto Power On - Enable television turning on from standby when any connected HDMI device powers up.

Environment - Select the location of TV. For home use, please select „Home Mode“. For shop demonstration mode, set „Store Mode“.

Restore Factory Default settings - Reset the television.