E-instruction manual Language: English



Picture Mode - Choose from the following presets.

Dynamic - Recommended settings for fast moving pictures.

Standard - Default settings

Movie - Set to be lighter in colour and less bright.

User - Lets you manually alter all the settings.

ECO - Consume 15% less energy.

Color Temperature - Choose from the following presets.

Cool - Increases blue within the picture.

Nature - Default settings.

Warm - Increases red within the picture.

Aspect Ratio - Picture format varies depending on the channel/broadcast. There are a number of different options to best meet your needs.

Auto - Automatically displays the best picture format. So the picture is in the correct position. May have black lines at the top/bottom and/or sides.

16:9 - Fills the screen with a regular 16:9 signal.

4:3 - Displays the 4:3 picture in its original size. Side bars are shown to fill the 16:9 screen.

Movie - In case movie is ultrawide and there are black bars on the top and bottom, this mode will stretch it vertically, to fill whole display area.

Subtitle - similar to Movie aspect ratio. It will strecth ultra wide movie to whole display area, but will leave black bar on the bottom for subtitles.

PC Mode (HDMI) - Will display the picture in its original resolution without any change.

Noise Reduction - Filters and reduces the noise (interference) of the picture.

Advance Settings*

Dynamic Contrast* - Automatically optimises the ‘backlight’ and ‘contrast’ of the picture according to the brightness of the screen.

* - optional