E-instruction manual Language: English



Antenna Type - Set the type of DTV signal

Auto tuning - Allows you to retune the television for all digital channels, digital radio stations and analogue channels.

DTV Manual Tuning - Allows you to manually tune your digital signal.

ATV Manual Tuning - Allows you to manually tune your analogue signal.

Programme Edit - Allows you to delete, skip and add favourite channels.

  • Red Button - delete selected channel.
  • Green Button - Add selected channel to Favourites list.
  • Yellow Button - Move selected channel. Select the channel which you wish to move to different position, then press YELLOW button. Now move selected channel with ▲/▼ arrows to desired position and press OK button to confirm its new position in channel list.
  • Blue Button - Skip selected channel. Channels selected to Skip will not be displayed while pressing CH+ or CH- buttons.

Signal Information - Information about DVB signal.

Software Update (OAD) - Switch on/off OAD (over air download) software updates (only in Digital TV).