E-instruction manual Language: English



Tuner Mode – Set the type of DTV signal.

Audio Language – The preferred audio language for digital TV broadcasting.

2nd Audio Language – Secondary audio language if the primary language is not available.

Channels – Channel tuning and editing menu.

Channel Scan – Allows you to retune the television for all digital channels, digital radio stations and analogue channels.

Manual Service Update – Channel positions, names and frequencies will be updated by the service provider.

Single RF Scan – Allows manual tuning of the digital signal.

LCN – Logical Channel Number. When turned on, digital stations will be sorted according to the provider’s preference.

Channel Sort – Channels will be sorted according to the selected sorting option.

Favorite Network Selection – Multiple networks may be available in some countries/areas. The channels will be sorted differently according to the selected network.

Channel Skip – Allows you to choose channels, which will be skipped when pressing CH+ / CH- buttons on the remote.

Channel Swap – Allows you to swap position of two channels between each other.

Channel Edit – Options for editing channel parameters. Select the channel you want to edit and confirm with OK. The channel tab appears, where you can edit the channel number and name. Select Delete to remove the channel from the channel list.


  • You can only change the channel number to a number that is not occupied by another tuned channel. If you want to change the channel number to that of an existing channel, we recommend using Channel Swap.

Analog Channel Fine Tune – Allows you to fine-tune analogue channels to adjust picture quality.

Clean Channel List – Erases the current channel list.

Auto Channel Update – If you set this option to ON, channel positions, names and frequencies will be periodically updated by the provider. This may cause problems if you have sorted the channels in the channel list yourself. In such case we recommend to keep this option off.