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Balance – Switches the sound between the left and right speakers.

Sound Style – Choose from the following presets:

User – Selects your personal sound settings.

Standard – Default settings.

Sport – Emphasizes sound for sports.

Movie – Provides live and full sound for movies.

Music – Emphasizes music over voices.

News – Emphasizes the voice.

Equalizer Detail – Adjusts the volume of different sound frequencies. The equalizer sound levels can only be adjusted when User sound mode is selected.

Digital Output – Settings for the digital audio output. Choose from the following options:

Dolby Audio - Dolby Digital – The TV sends Dolby Digital compressed audio to an external audio device. This option is recommended only when connected via an optical audio cable.

PCM – The audio stream will be processed by the TV.

Bypass – The audio stream will be processed by the device connected via the digital output (soundbar, AV receiver, etc.).

Dolby Audio - Dolby Digital Plus – The TV sends Dolby Digital Plus compressed audio to an external audio device. This option requires an HDMI connection to an external audio device.

Auto – Automatically selects the best settings.

Digital Output Delay – Allows the user to adjust the audio setting to synchronise the picture and sound for external speakers connected via a digital audio output.

Auto Volume Control – When “on” is selected, the volume remains at a constant level regardless of the input/source.

Accessibility – Accessibility settings.

Normal – Standard audio without audio commentary.

Hearing Impaired – Turns on subtitles whenever they are available.

Audio Description – Additional sound track for the visually impaired. Available only on selected DTV shows.

Spoken Subtitle – Turns on/off the reading of subtitles aloud in a spoken voice.

Visually Impaired – Accessibility settings for the visually impaired. This menu becomes available when you enable Audio Description in the Accessibility menu.

Downmix Mode – Selects the number of audio output channels.

Surround – Multiple audio channels. Recommended when the TV outputs sound to an external multiple speaker setup.

Stereo – Two audio channels. Recommended when only the TV’s speakers are used.

Sound Tracks – Allows you to select between the sound tracks in a digital TV broadcast.

Advanced – Additional audio settings.

Dolby Audio Processing

Dolby Audio Processing – Activates Dolby Audio Processing options.

Sound Mode – Switch between sound modes enhanced by Dolby Audio processing.

DTS Virtual X

Virtual:X – Allows you to turn the surround sound effect on or off.

TrueBass – Makes the bass from TV speakers deeper and richer.

TTS – Opens the text-to-speech menu.

Dialogue Enhancer – Adjusts the frequency band of the center channel to improve the audibility of dialogues.

Reset To Default – Restores the default audio settings.