E-instruction manual Language: English


Network menu

Basic instructions for navigating the menus:

  • To display the main menu, press the MENU button on the remote control.
  • To enter the selected menu, press the OK button.
  • Use the scroll (▲/▼/◄/►) buttons to navigate in the menus.
  • To confirm any setting, press OK button.
  • To exit a menu at any time, press the EXIT button.

To access the Network menu, press the APPS button on the remote control, select Network and confirm with OK button.

This menu is a shortcut to the menus found in SettingsSetupNetwork.

Following items are available in the Network menu:

Configuration – Network configuration.

Internet Connection – Turn on / off the internet connection on the TV.

Interface – Select the type of network connection - Ethernet (wired) or Wireless.


  • For connecting to the Internet with a wired connection, connect a Cat 5/Ethernet cable (not included) from the TV to your broadband modem/router.

Wake On Lan – Allows you to turn on the TV via network control over a LAN connection.

Wake On Wlan – Allows you to turn on the TV via network control wirelessly.

Wireless Setting – Settings for the wireless network connection.

Information – Information about network settings.

IP Setting – You can set the TV to automatically connect to the network (DHCP must be enabled on the router) or manually enter IP configuration settings.

Connection Test – A network connection test.

Preferred IP – You can manually set whether to connect to network via IPv4 or IPv6 protocol. Please note that for IPv6, compatible hardware (router) must be properly set up and your Internet Service Provider must provide this type of connection.

IPv6 Information – Information about IPv6 network settings.

IPv6 Configuration IP – Configuration for IPv6 connection.

IPv6 Connection Test – An IPv6 network connection test.

WiFi Direct – Allows you to view content from your smart phone or tablet on the TV screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your phone to the TV.

Applications – Settings for digital media servers (DMS) connected to your home network.

DLNA – Enable/Disable media server function. Automatically searches for digital media servers (DMS) connected to your home network. Allows playback and rendering of content from media servers.

DMR – Enable/Disable digital media renderer function (DMR). This means that content in the DMS can be searched and controlled via phone or tablet and played back on the TV screen.