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Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a powerful feature on your Google TV that allows you to control your TV using voice commands. Here are some examples of how you can use Google Assistant on your Google TV:

1.To start using Google Assistant, press and release the XXX.GMC (microphone) button on your remote.

2.Then speak into the microphone.

3.You can use Google Assistant to search for content, open apps, adjust volume, and more. For example, you can say "Play some action movie" or "Open YouTube".

4.You can also use Google Assistant to control smart home devices that are compatible with your Google account. For example, you can say "Turn off the lights" or "Set the thermostat to 21 degrees".

5.If you have multiple Google accounts set up on your Google TV, you can switch between them by saying "Switch account" followed by your preferred account.

Google Assistant can make it easier and more convenient to control your TV and other smart devices in your home.


Google Assistant requires an Internet connection. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries/regions.

Pairing the remote control with the TV

For Google Assistant to work with your voice remote, you must first pair the remote with the TV:

1.Press the XXX.GHM (home) button, then select [Settings] and press OK.

2.The Quick settings menu appears. Keep the cursor on the Settings symbol and press the OK button again to enter the Settings menu.

3.Then select [Remotes & Accessories] > [Pair accessory].

4.Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the remote control with the TV.

5.The name of your remote will appear on the TV Screen. Press OK to confirm the pairing.

Pairing your smartphone with the TV

You can also utilize your smartphone to control the TV via Google Assistant. Follow these steps to pair your phone with the TV:

1.Ensure your smartphone and the TV are on the same network.

2.Launch the Google TV app on your smartphone. If you don’t have the app, you can search for and download it from Google Play or the App Store.

3.Near the bottom right of your smartphone, tap “Remote Control”.

4.Select the device you want to connect to.

5.Enter the code that displays on your TV screen.

6.Tap “Pair”.

Control your TV with voice

Once paired, you can use your phone as a remote. Press the Google Assistant button and ask a question or search for content to watch.