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TV menu

While watching live TV or a source from an external device connected via one of the video inputs, press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button to access the TV menu. This menu allows you to quickly adjust picture and sound parameters and more. The following menus are available:

[Inputs] – Opens a list of inputs.

[Picture] – Settings related to the TV picture (brightness, contrast, picture mode, etc.).

[Screen] – Settings for the screen aspect ratio.

[Sound] – Sound settings (sound style, bass, treble, etc.).

[Power] – Settings for automatic TV standby (Sleep timer, Off timer, etc.).

[Parental Controls] – Opens parental control settings. To enter this menu, you will need to enter the PIN you created during the initial TV setup.

[CI Card] – CI card settings.

[Advanced options] – Settings related to live TV (changing audio track, option to turn HbbTV on/off, etc.).

[Settings] – Opens the Settings menu.


Detailed information about the contents of these menus is available in the following chapters of this guide.

When the TV menu is displayed on the screen, press the up arrow button to access the Channels menu:

[Program Guide] – Opens the electronic program guide, displaying information about currently running and upcoming shows.

[Channel] – Opens the Channel menu where you can tune channels and adjust settings related to tuning.

[Channel Management] – Opens channel management for editing the channel list (moving, deleting, etc.).