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To access the sound menu, press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button on the remote and navigate to [Settings] > [Display & Sound] > [Sound]. Within this menu, you'll find the following options:

[Wireless Speaker] – Settings for AQUOS Wireless Surround speakers.

[Sound Style] – Choose from the following presets:

[User] – Allows manual adjustment of all settings.

[Standard] – Optimises sound quality for general content.

[Vivid] – Enhances the treble and bass for a clearer sound.

[Sports] – Simulates the larger space of a stadium or other venue.

[Movie] – Optimises surround sound suitable for movies.

[Music] – Optimises sound for listening to music.

[News] – Enhances voice clarity by reducing background sound.

[Balance] – Controls the balance between the left and right audio channels.

[Surround Sound] – The surround function creates a simulated surround sound effect from the TV speakers.

[Equalizer Detail] – Adjusts the volume of different sound frequencies.

[Speakers] – Turn sound from TV speakers on or off. You may want to turn TV speakers off when you connect an audio system via an optical cable to prevent possible echo.

[Speaker Delay] – Adds delay to the audio output of the TV speakers. If the picture and sound are out of sync, you can try changing this setting to fix the problem.

[eARC] – Toggle HDMI eARC between Off and Auto. In Auto mode, the TV transmits audio signals via HDMI to a connected audio device like an AV receiver or soundbar. This feature is available only on HDMI eARC input.

[Auto Volume Control] – When activated, the volume remains consistent regardless of the input or source.

[Downmix Mode] – Choose the number of audio output channels.

[Surround] – Multiple audio channels. Recommended when the TV's audio is directed to an external multi-speaker system with more than 2 speakers.

[Stereo] – Two audio channels. Recommended when you're routing sound to an external stereo system.

[DTS DRC] – Dynamic range control. It balances loud and quiet sounds, recommended for quieter nighttime listening.

[Dolby Audio/Height Speaker] – Audio settings from Dolby.

[Dolby Audio/Height Speaker] – Enable or disable Dolby sound settings.

[Sound Mode] – Switch between sound modes optimized by Dolby Audio processing.

[Surround Virtualizer] – Allows you to turn the Dolby surround sound effect on or off.

[Dolby Atmos] – Enable this option to experience Dolby Atmos sound when available.


When [Dolby Audio/Height Speaker] is off, you can select and adjust [Sound Style], [Balance], [Surround Sound] and [Equalizer Detail].

When [Sound Mode] in [Dolby Audio/Height Speaker] is set to [User], you can turn on or off [Surround Virtualizer] and [Dolby Atmos].

[Dialog Enhancer] – Enhances speech by emphasizing it over background noise for improved clarity.

[DTS Virtual:X] – Virtual surround sound settings provided by DTS.

[Virtual:X] – Enables or disables the surround sound effect from DTS.

[TrueBass] – Enhances the bass output from the TV speakers for a deeper and richer sound.

[Reset to Default] – Restores the default audio settings.