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To access the Privacy menu, press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button and navigate to [Settings] > [Privacy]. Within this menu, you'll find the following options:

[Location] – Settings for location services. In this menu, you'll also find a list of apps that have recently requested location access.

[Location status] – Enabling this option allows Wi-Fi to estimate the location of this TV.

[Scanning always available] – Allows location services to scan for Wi-Fi networks even when the TV's Wi-Fi is turned off.

[Usage & Diagnostics] – Enable this option if you wish to provide Google with anonymous diagnostic information and usage data.

[Ads] – Settings for advertisements. You can reset your advertising ID to reset personalized ads. Alternatively, you can opt out of personalized ads, which will result in receiving less relevant ads.

[Google Assistant] – Settings for voice control via Google Assistant for this account.

[Voice control] – Enables/disables voice control.

[View permissions] – View Google Assistant permission.

[Personal results] – You can turn on personal results to allow the Google Assistant to read or show results specific to you.

[Searchable apps] – Choose which apps’ content shows up when you search. When an app is not searchable, you won’t see content from the app in your search results.

[SafeSearch filter] – SafeSearch can help you block inappropriate or explicit images from your Google Search results. The SafeSearch filter isn’t 100% accurate, but it helps you avoid most adult content. This setting is shared with all accounts on this TV.

[Payment & Purchases] – You can set up authorisation method for purchases on Google Play Store to prevent unauthorised purchases, including in-app purchases from this account.

[App permissions] – View and adjust app permissions categorized by TV function for each app.

[Special app access] – Additional special permissions for apps, such as displaying apps over other apps, access to notifications, or certain directories.

[Security & Restrictions] – Allows installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store. Enabling this setting makes your device and personal data more vulnerable to unknown apps from sources outside the Play Store. You're solely responsible for any damage or data loss resulting from using these apps.