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Network & Internet

To access the Network & Internet menu, press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button and navigate to [Settings] > [Network & Internet]. Within this menu, you'll find the following options:

Wi-Fi settings

[Wi-Fi] – Enables or disables the Wi-Fi function.

[AVAILABLE NETWORKS] – List of available Wi-Fi networks in your vicinity. Select a network to access the following options:

[Internet connection] – Provides information about the status of the internet connection.

[IP address] – Displays the IP address of the TV.

[Randomized MAC address] – Displays the MAC address.

[Signal Strength] – Indicates the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

[Privacy] – Offers the option to set a randomised MAC address for increased network anonymity, or to use the standard MAC address of the device.

[Proxy settings] – Allows configuration of a proxy server for enhanced security. HTTP proxy is used by the browser but may not be user by other apps.

[IP settings] – You can set the TV to automatically connect to the network (DHCP must be enabled on the router) or manually enter IP configuration settings.

[Forget network] – Removes the stored password for the selected Wi-Fi network. User confirmation is required after selecting this option.

[See All] – Displays a complete list of available wireless networks.

[Add new network] – Allows you to manually add a Wi-Fi network. This is necessary if you have set up an invisible/hidden wireless network on your router.

[Data Saver] – Automatically adjusts video quality to conserve mobile data usage.

[Data usage and alerts] – Provides information about data usage, helpful for monitoring data when connecting the TV to a mobile hotspot.

[Data Alerts] – Enables setup of notifications that appear on the screen whenever a specified data volume is used.

[Scanning always available] – Some location-based apps periodically scan for other Wi-Fi devices in the vicinity. This function allows scanning for Wi-Fi devices even when Wi-Fi is turned off.

Wired network settings

To connect the TV to a wired network, simply use an Ethernet LAN cable to connect the TV with your router. If DHCP is enabled on both the router and the TV, the TV will automatically connect to the network.

[Proxy settings] – This option allows you to set up a proxy server for enhanced protection.

[IP Settings] – You can set the TV to automatically connect to the network (DHCP must be enabled on the router) or manually enter IP configuration settings.

Other settings

[Network Privacy Policy] – Provides information about the network privacy policy.

[Wake Configs] – Configuration for the ability to wake up the TV from the network via a mobile device. Please note that activating either of the functions below will increase the TV's power consumption in standby mode.

[WoW] – Wake on WLAN. This allows you to turn on the TV via wireless network control.

[WoL] – Wake on LAN. This enables you to turn on the TV via network control over a LAN connection.