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Tuning terrestrial (air) channels

To start automatic channel scanning, follow the steps below:

1.Press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button, then select [Settings] > [Channels & Inputs] > [Channels] > [Antenna].

2.Select [Channel Scan] to start tuning all available channels.

3.Select [Single RF Scan] to tune only a single frequency band (multiplex).

Before you start tuning channels, you can change the tuning settings in the [Antenna] menu:

[LCN] – Toggles Logical Channel Numbering (LCN) on or off. With LCN on, digital TV channels are sorted according to the provider's preferences. Keep in mind that enabling LCN might limit your ability to rearrange channel positions or alter channel numbering.

[Channel Scan Type] – Select the type of channels to be tuned.

[All] – All channels will be tuned.

[Only Encrypted Channels] – Tunes only encrypted channels that require a CAM module or CAM with a smartcard.

[Only Free Channels] – Only free channels will be tuned.

[Channel Store Type] – Selects the type of channels to be stored in the TV memory after tuning.

[All] – All channels will be stored.

[Only Digital Channels] – Only TV channels will be stored.

[Only Radio Channels] – Only radio channels will be stored.