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Tuning satellite channels (preferred)

This section provides instructions on how to tune channels from a specific satellite service provider using the quick tuning method, such as FastScan. This feature enables you to efficiently tune all of your operator's satellite channels, automatically organize channels according to operator preferences, and keep channels updated in response to any changes on the operator's side, such as transponder updates or the addition of new channels.

Before tuning satellite channels, ensure that the TV is in the [Preferred Satellite] mode:

1.Press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button, then select [Settings] > [Channels & Inputs] > [Channels] > [Satellite] > [Channel Installation Mode].

2.Select option [Preferred Satellite].

To start channel scanning using the FastScan:

1.Press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button, then select [Settings] > [Channels & Inputs] > [Channels] > [Satellite] > [Satellite- Re-scan].

2.Select [Next] > [FastScan].

3.Choose the desired satellite that you want to tune.

4.Select [Next] and press OK.

5.After a moment, the operator list will appear on the screen. Select your operator/service and confirm with the OK button.

6.Within a short period, all the channels of your operator will be tuned, sorted and you can start watching TV.