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Favourites list

The favourites list on your TV gives you quick access to your most-watched TV channels. Follow these instructions to access and manage your favourites list:

Adding channels to your favourites list

1.While watching live TV, press the OK button to open channel list.

2.Move the cursor to the channel you want to add to your favourites.

3.Press the blue button and select one or more favourites lists where you wish to add the channel.

4.Press the XXX.GLF (back) button to return to the channel list. A heart symbol will appear next to the channel that is in the favourites list.

To add more channels to your favourites, repeat steps 2 – 4.

Using the favourites list

By default, when you press OK while watching live TV, the standard channel list is displayed. If you want the favourites list to be displayed instead, follow these steps:

1.Make sure you are on a digital TV input (antenna, cable or satellite).

2.Press the OK button to open the channel list.

3.Press the yellow button to open the channel list type selection.

4.Scroll down and select [Favorites], then select one of the 4 available favourite channel lists.

5.Now, each time you press the OK button, the corresponding favourites list will open.


If you later want to change the OK button function to a different favourites list or a different channel list, repeat the above steps and select the desired channel/favourite list in step 4.

Removing channels from your favourites list

1.Ensure you are on input of digital TV (Antenna, Cable or Satellite).

2.Press the OK button to open channel list.

3.Move the cursor to the channel you want to remove from your favourites.

4.Press the blue button and then deselect the favourites list from which you want to remove this channel.

5.Press the XXX.GLF (back) button to return to channel list.

To remove additional channels from your favourites, repeat steps 3 – 5.