E-instruction manual Language: English


Remote control (Option 2)

1.STANDBY – Switch on the TV when in standby or vice versa. By long pressing of this button, the TV will display a menu offering power down option to energy saving standby mode.

2.SOURCE – Displays the input/source menu.

3.PROFILE – Switches between different user profiles.

4.MICROPHONE – Press and hold to use your voice to access entertainment, control smart devices, get answers on screen, and more.

5.SETTINGS – Short press: Opens the Settings menu. Long press: Displays virtual keyboard (Live TV mode only).

6.(▲/▼/◄/►/ OK) – Allows you to navigate the on-screen menus and adjust the system settings to your preferences.

7.BACK – Short press: Step back in the menu. Long press: Exit the currently displayed menu.

8.HOME – Short press: Displays the TV’s Home screen. Long press: Opens the Settings menu.

9.LIVE GUIDE – Short press: Opens the 7-day TV guide (digital TV mode). Long press: Displays the list of inputs.

10.VOL +/- – Tilt to increase/decrease the sound level. Press and hold shortly to mute/restore the sound.

11.CH +/- – Tilt to switch to the next/previous channel in the sequence. Press and hold shortly to view information about the programme you are currently watching. Press and hold shortly again to view detailed information. Press ► while the information panel is displayed to view information about the upcoming programme.

12.NETFLIX – Access to the Netflix app.

13.PRIME VIDEO – Access to the Prime Video app.

14.YOUTUBE – Access to the YouTube app.

15.FAV APP – Long press: A list of apps opens. Select the app you want to assign to the FAV APP button for quick access. Short press: Launches the remembered app.


This remote control is solar-powered. It does not contain any batteries; however, it must have access to a light source to stay charged and in working condition.

A solar cell is located in the lower half of the top side. Make sure this part of the remote control has access to room light.

Keeping the remote in dark places, such as drawers, may lead to complete discharge.

If the remote is discharged, you can use a USB-C connector to quickly charge it with a phone charger.