E-instruction manual Language: English


Remote control (Option 3)

1.STANDBY – Switch on the TV when in standby or vice versa. By long pressing of this button, the TV will display a menu offering power down option to energy saving standby mode.

2.SOURCE – Displays the input/source menu.

3.NUMBER BUTTONS 0–9 – Direct TV channel selection.

4.MUTE – Mutes the sound or vice versa.

5.INFO – Press once to view information about the programme you are currently watching. Press again to view detailed information. Press ► while the information panel is displayed to view information about the upcoming programme.

6.PROFILE – Switches between different user profiles.

7.MICROPHONE – Press and hold to use your voice to access entertainment, control smart devices, get answers on screen, and more.

8.SETTINGS – Short press: Opens the Settings menu. Long press: Displays virtual keyboard (Live TV mode only).

9.(▲/▼/◄/►/ OK) – Allows you to navigate the on-screen menus and adjust the system settings to your preferences.

10.BACK – Short press: Step back in the menu. Long press: Exit the currently displayed menu.

11.HOME – Short press: Displays the TV’s Home screen. Long press: Opens the Settings menu.

12.LIVE GUIDE – Short press: Opens the 7-day TV guide (digital TV mode). Long press: Displays the list of inputs.

13.VOL +/- – Increases/decreases the sound level.

14.CH +/- – Switches to the next/previous channel in the sequence.

15.NETFLIX – Access to the Netflix app.

16.PRIME VIDEO – Access to the Prime Video app.

17.YOUTUBE – Access to the YouTube app.

18.FAV APP – Long press: A list of apps opens. Select the app you want to assign to the FAV APP button for quick access. Short press: Launches the remembered app.

19.AUDIO – Opens the audio track menu.

20.SUB – Turns on/off SUBs at the bottom of the screen.

21.TEXT – Turns teletext on/off.

22.TV – Switches the TV to the last watched input.

23.PLAY/PAUSE – Play/pause media.

24.REWIND – Playback in rewind mode. Press multiple times to change the rewind speed.

25.FAST FORWARD – Playback in fast forward mode. Press multiple times to change the playback speed.

26.STOP – Stop playback.

27.COLOUR BUTTONS – Execute corresponding function at that time.