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Connecting Headphones

You can connect wired or Bluetooth headphones to this TV.

Connecting wired headphones

When wired headphones are connected to the 3.5mm jack socket of the TV, the internal speakers will cut out. The volume of the sound which comes from the headphones is controlled via the remote control using the VOL+ and VOL- buttons.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones

Pairing of Bluetooth headphones with the TV:

1.Press the XXX.GHM (home) button to access the Home screen.

2.Activate the pairing function on your headphones. Please refer to the user manual of your headphones to find out how.

3.Press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button to open the Quick Settings menu.

4.Navigate to [Settings] > [Remotes & Accessories] > [Pair accessory].

5.The name of your headphones will appear on the TV screen. Select them and press OK to confirm the pairing.

To connect to a paired Bluetooth headphones:

1.Press the XXX.GST (quick settings) button on the remote control, then select [Settings] > [Remotes & Accessories].

2.Select a paired but unconnected headphones. Ensure the headphones are powered on.

3.Select [Connect].

When a Bluetooth headphones are connected with the TV, the internal speakers will cut out. The volume of the sound that which comes from the Bluetooth headphones is adjusted via the remote control using the volume buttons.


Avoid using excessive volume with headphones for prolonged periods, as this may cause hearing damage.