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The Google Assistant

The Google Assistant lets you to use voice commands to quickly find and play your favourite shows, obtain answers and control your home.

Using the Google Assistant with your voice

Remote controls with the Google Assistant have a Google Assistant dedicated button and a built-in microphone. To use this feature with the Google Assistant remote control, follow the instructions as below.

1.Press the [XXX.GOA] button.

The light on the remote control will illuminate.

2.Wait for the on-screen message from the Google Assistant, then speak into the microphone.

By speaking into the microphone, you can search for various content or control your connected smart home devices.

Speech examples may be displayed on the television screen depending on your model.

When you cannot access the Google Assistant

Ensure that the remote control which has the [XXX.GOA] button on it, is paired to the TV by pressing the HOME button and selecting [Settings] — [Remotes & Accessories]

Using the Google Assistant with on-screen keyboard

1.Press the HOME button, then select [XXX.GOA] (the Google Assistant icon) from the Home menu.

2.Select icon [XXX.KEY]

3.Via on-screen keyboard, enter your question or command.


The Google Assistant requires internet connection.

The Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.

The type of remote control supplied with the TV, and the availability of a remote control with a built-in microphone varies depending on your model/region/country. An optional remote control is available in some models/regions/countries.